"Wulex" 3/2mm Yulex® Chest Zip (2024)

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3mm chest and thighs, 2mm arms and legs. Thermal lining on the chest and thighs.

Composed of 85% YULEX™ natural rubber and 15% synthetic rubber, this suit does not contain neoprene. Interior and exterior materials are recycled and laminated to the liner with solvent-free AquaA™ glue.

Functionality, versatility and eco-responsibility are the key words of this range

  • 3/2 Full wetsuit
  • Yulex® natural rubber
  • Recycled exterior fabric
  • Thermal printed and recycled lining
  • Outside : 83% Recycled polyamide, 17% Spandex
  • Inside : 100% Recycled polyester