Our premium quality hire equipment will help ensure you get the most out of your surfing. Check out our hire prices below.


All prices are for 24 hour hire:

Days​ ​1 ​2 ​3 ​4 ​5 ​6 ​7 ​Extra Day
​Surfboards - 
Hardboard, Softboard,
Alder, Bic, O&E, Softech, Mick Fanning Softboards
​£10 ​£20 ​£28 ​£35 ​£41 ​£46 ​£50 ​£2
​Bodyboard - 
​Alder, Mike Stewart Science, etc
​£5 ​£10 ​£14 ​£17 ​£19 ​£20 ​£21 ​£1




For the more advanced surfer, looking to "Try before they buy", we also have a selection of custom boards to hire.


We know accidents happen from time to time, and dings, fin snaps etc, are all part and parcel of the surfing experience.

Unfortunately, we can't afford to keep replacing fins and repairing dings, so we may ask for a small contribution if an accident does occur.

Fin snap/break/loss - £10

Fin plug damage - £20

Small ding repair - £5

Large ding repair - £10


If you don't have a roof rack, we also rent out soft racks with our hire, free of charge!

Give us a call on:

01872 573748