Off Course Denim Pant - Dark Denim

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The Off Course Denim Pant is a fixed waist, five-pocket style pant in a baggy, straight leg fit. Comfortable, durable and eco-aware crafted. 
Cotton grown with organic agricultural methods uses fewer pesticides than conventional cotton and therefore reduces exposure to toxic chemicals that can end up in the ground, air, water and our food chain. Organic farming can also reduce the pesticide exposure risks for farmers along with cotton and textile workers.
Made by the established leading zip manufacturer worldwide, YKK, Natulon® zipper tapings use recycled plastic to keep more waste out of our landfills and reduce reliance on sourcing virgin plastics from the oil industry. That’s why we’ve chosen Natulon® as the default zipper tapings on all Low Velocity products.
Constructed from 68% Organic Cotton 28% Recycled Polyester 3% Viscose, 1% Elastane, this fixed waist five-pocket style pant features a baggy, straight leg fit.