Hardware Collection by Bathsheba Surf

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    • Length: 7’6”
  • Weight: 1.4 kg 
  • Width: 27", 
  • Fabric: UV Reflective Tarpee 
  • Padding: 5mm Waterproof 
  • Protective nose piece both sides 
  • Shoulder Strap 
  • Non corrosive nylon zip
  • Removable storage hook

Trust this new Ocean & Earth Barry Basic 7’6” Fish Board Cover Bag when it comes to the safety of your fish board! This cover bag in silver colouway features a protective cover with thick UV stabilised coating on tar-pee. It also features a protective nose piece that is constructed from an extra tough 600D protective fabric. 

It is also composed of three layers of protection: The top layer which is the thicker UV reflective Tar-pee, the 2nd layer, a 5mm shock-absorbing foam and the third layer is a Tar-pee lining. The Shoulder Strap Nylon dog clip at nose end and strap can be stashed inside cover and its Heavy Duty Zippers are large non-corrosive nylon zips.