Great White Twin - 5'10"

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Inspired by the outline of a Great White Shark, this is Kelly Slater's newest performance twin model.

Dimensions: 5'10" x 19" 15/16 x 2" 5/8 - 32L


Inspired by the outline of the Great White Shark, Kelly Slater designed the ‘Great White Twin’ in I-Bolic Technology with Volcanic Lamination alongside Bali-based shaper Mike Woo.

This is a high performance groveler with the paddle and catching of a hybrid, and the on-rail performance of a shortboard. It fits where most fish don’t - it creates speed in weak waves, controls speed in powerful waves, and excels at tight arcs in punchy pockets and quick wraps on shoulder sections. It's volume is hidden at center with fine rails for immediate response and quick reaction in the pocket. It has the speed of a twin fin with the immediate response of a thruster, and it's elevated tail rocker makes it magic on your backhand.

Recommended to surf at your performance volume, or just slightly more.


As you'd expect from a Slater Designs shape, this model is for high performance surfing, but can excel in everyday waves as well. Recommended in 2-6' conditions, from weak waves and poor conditions to solid waves and hollow conditions.


I-Bolic Technology


I-beam core construction with flex controlled at the rails using high density foam - an engineering feat developed for performance.

Volcanic Technology


Forged in fire, this Basalt lamination technology is our sustainable alternative to carbon, and is our most durable with elevated response.