FCS II Accelerator Neo Eco Glass Tri Fin - Medium

Fins Collection by Bathsheba Surf

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Incomplete set - buy individually to replace broken or lost fins. Please note left and right are judged when the board is placed fins up with the tail closest to you.

Constructed with 50% glass and bio-resin, the Neo Glass Eco Accelerator has a low impact construction with high impact performance that’s recommended for lighter more agile surfers. The Accelerator in Neo Glass Eco offers speed, flow and response with added control and it excels in critical conditions.

  • Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response with added control.
  • Oversized, all-round template with a fuller tip.
  • Ideal for surfers who like to attack the wave and perform aggressive turns.

Ideal Conditions

  • A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves.

Board Types

  • Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
  • Recommended for performance shortboards with moderate-to-low rocker.