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Outline: A. Merrick


Side fins :
Height: 4.79 in – 12.20 cm
Base: 4.70 in – 11.90 cm
Area: 16.16 in² – 104.26 cm²


Center fin :
Height: 4.49 in – 11.40 cm
Base: 4.63 in – 11.76 cm
Area: 15.32in²

The AM2 Honeycomb combines the large Al Merrick template with a medium flex pattern, making this fin a versatile option for bigger surfers in comparison to the Techflex and Fiberglass models. The AM2 Honeycomb fin is designed to perform in a variety of conditions and has a wide base for drive off of the bottom, more rake for big carves and a finer tip for release off of the top.


Colors Yellow
Types of fins 01.Thrusters
Your size 04.Large (+ 80 kgs)
Ride Number from 3,2 to 7,5 - Balanced
Foils 01.Flat
Construction, series 02.Honeycomb
Valeur Ride Number 4.6