Cornish Zinc Sun Block (SPF50)

Sun Cream Collection by Bathsheba Surf

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Our Cornish Zinc (factor 50 sun block) is the ultimate pre-surf sun protection. Expertly handcrafted in Cornwall from 100% natural ingredients, Surf Balm's Zinc offers a sustainable & ocean-friendly alternative to protect your skin from the sun.

Crafted with care and from nature itself. It combines the goodness of Shea butter, nourishing Coconut oil, protective beeswax, and good old Zinc Oxide. Unlike traditional sunscreens that absorbs UV rays, Zinc blocks out UV rays completely, making it a surfers 'must have'. Zinc gives your the freedom to stay in the water for longer without worry that your sun protection will fade.


Handmade in Cornwall

100% Natural Ingredients

Recyclable Tin

No Plastic Chapstick

No Petroleum


Ingredients -

Zinc Oxide

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil