Apex AX-S 42" Bodyboard

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Leash     Yes (plug fitted)
Core   HC55 High Compression core
Deck   IXL Cross Link Deck Skin
Slick     HDPE with channels
Rails   60/40
Tail Shape   Crescent
Channels   Yes
Stringer   Yes


The Apex AXS is based around the AX02 template with a carbon fibre stringer for stiffness and durability. With a crescent tail for control. The board features 60/40 rails and channels for drive and hold. Constructed with Cross link deck and rails for stiffness, an EPS core and a durable HDPE bottom skin with mesh for greater strength.
Composite foam core: Provides a stiff and buoyant lightweight core.
Clipped crescent tail: versatile and functional tail shape provides great control for all styles of riding in all wave conditions.
Tough mesh slick bottom increases longevity and provides good protection.
The closed cell deck provides increased stiffness and strength where the rider lies.
60/40 rails: proven rail control
Mesh skin bottom for greater strength.